Berlin Wien Berlin Superbrevet 2018

ARA Berlin Brandenburg proudly announces the first 1200km Brevet from Berlin. The event will be held from 19th of June to 23rd June, 2018. ARA Berlin Brandenburg ist a member of ARA Deutschland, who are entitled to organize BRM’s (brevets randonneurs mondiaux) according to the rules of ACP (Audax Club Parisien).

Inspiration for the ride was the bike race Vienna Berlin taking place from 1893 to 1914


(Unfortunately, the links are in German. Use google translate to understand even less)

It really struck me that the race was originally intended as  a competition between cyclists and horseriders, but this idea was abandonned when it became clear that the horseriders didn’t have the slightest chance to win against the cyclists.

The course is different from the course of the bike race, because the roads of the original course are now busy  main roads. We take quiet, beautiful country lanes. I rode the whole course, it is beautiful!

Some roads, about 20km/13miles are unsealed, but nothing serious. We recommend bigger tyres than 23mm.

The Brevet is unsupported: Except start and finish in the Amstelhouse there is NOTHING provided by us en route. You are on your own! But there are nice people everywhere, so you will get along if you are nice, too. So no food and accomodation en route like in LEL and PBP is provided by us. It might be advisable to take a sleeping bag, a mattress, food and a spade to scrape the roadkill off the tarmac if you get hungry during the night.

For riders coming from outside Berlin, we recommend the Amstelhouse for accomodation. When you book a bed/room, tell the staff stay you come because of the brevet, then they know you arrive with a bicycle.

There will be breakfast at the start and food at the beginning of the ride.

A roadbook (in German) and a GPX Track will be provided.

Please consider that at ARA Berlin Brandenburg, Cyling helmets are compulsory.


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