Track and Roadbook are out!


The tracks and the roadbook have been sent to the participants. Please check if the files are ok and usable. All files work on my computer.

I f you can’t open the track with these tools like komoot etc.: we don’t care about the weaknesses and errors of these internet services, they are useless in my opion, but that’s just my opinion.  I think the same of the smartphone-apps. I don’t want to take care of them, either.

The easiest way is to transfer the track directly to the device, eg for a Garmin Edge810 it’s the folder /garmin/newfiles. RTFM

There are certain limitations on several devices regarding the size of the gpx-track. The old Garmin HCT-Geräte  for example could only cope with tracks of  500 points maximum, so the tracks have to  be split and/or simplified, but that’s your business. Don’t forget: It’s cycling for grown-ups!

The Czech republic is part of the EU, but has it’s own currency. If 90 cyclists draw money from the ATM’s behind the border, that might cause problems for the later riders: the ATM’s are empty or only have big notes. So be clever, save time and energy and get your Czech Crowns before the ride.

Our friends of inveloveritas will do a checkpoint in Vienna with food and sleeping possibility that’s very kind of them, thank you! We can’t pay for that out of our budget for the brevet, it wasn’t part of our budget planning, so we would ask you to donate 10 euro extra for the checkpoint. The track leads to the checkpoint.

We are looking forward to you and the ride!


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