Oktober 2018, I rode through the Czech Republic, enjoying the beautiful indian summer. I was really amazed- such a beautiful country! See post BWB1400-Fotos. If BWB will happen another time (no, not in 2019, because nobody would ride PBP:-)), it will be 1400km-brevet. Out and back will not be on the same route in the […]

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Mehr Fotos /more Photos

Liebe Aras in Brandenburg, hier einige Eindrücke aus Wien schön wars mit Euch; danke für die Weiterleitung an die Fahrer Hoffentlich kommen alle gut wieder an und der erste BWB-Brevet geht in die Annalen ein! Gehabt Euch Wohl Horst der Link ist nur bis zum 28.Juli aktiv und wird dann gelöscht! The Link is […]

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Saturday 3:00 pm: The first Berlin-Vienna-Berlin superbrevet is over. It was’nt easy, a lot of riders didn’t finish (including me), but better safe than sorry. You only live once A lot of riders underestimated the road conditions (surface, climbs). The weather conditions didn’t help either: 30°C on the first two days, then thunderstorms and a […]

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The Jerseys have arrived

The Jerseys have arrived. I already got mine. Peter did a great job in designing them: they are beautiful. Have a look: Wearing the jersey, I immediately feel faster. I look  better, too (if that’s possible). You will feel the same, so buy it! I am 180cm, 73kg weight. I am fine with size M, […]

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Track and Roadbook are out!

The tracks and the roadbook have been sent to the participants. Please check if the files are ok and usable. All files work on my computer. I f you can’t open the track with these tools like komoot etc.: we don’t care about the weaknesses and errors of these internet services, they are useless in […]

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Peter Schmidt designed a beautiful jersey for the event and ordered a couple of jerseys.  Thank you very much, Peter! We will have about 10 jerseys at the start on display and sale, for about 45-50Euro each. We are planning to keep the design-code of  the jersay with the manufacturer, so each randonneur can order […]

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Visit from Vienna

Horst and Martin from inveloveritas were in Berlin  on the „Fahradschau“, a bicycle trade fair, and I took the opportunity to visit them in their small stall, I go to know Horst and Michl (not in Berlin) at LEL. Horst, Michl and Martin really started something with „inveloveritas“, so who wasn’t able to register for BerlinWienBerlin, […]

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