Visit from Vienna

Horst and Martin from inveloveritas were in Berlin  on the „Fahradschau“, a bicycle trade fair, and I took the opportunity to visit them in their small stall, I go to know Horst and Michl (not in Berlin) at LEL. Horst, Michl and Martin really started something with „inveloveritas“, so who wasn’t able to register for BerlinWienBerlin, […]

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The Course: a rough Scetch

If you want to book accomodation ahead, the following informations might be helpful: Starts in Berlin and goes via Lübben (km 100), Vetschau (km 127), Hoyerswerda (km 179), Neschwitz (km 200), Bautzen (km 215), Sluknov /CZ (km 240), Krazna Lipa (km 254), Cvikov (km 280), Mimon (km 297), Klaster Hradiste nad Jizerou (km 324), Nymburk […]

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Booked out

Berlin Wien Berlin, like all the Brevets of ARA Berlin Brandenburg is already booked out.  We are really surprised it happened that quick. The part of the website for registration is closed. Sorry for the people woho couldn’t get in.

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In light of recent questions

(This post was for german riders, who couldn’t be bothered reading the posts and asked questions that they could answered if they read all the posts) Recently, some questions (as comments to blog posts) came up that could easily be answered by reading the other  posts of the blog. I won’t answer these questions, I […]

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The Registration for Berlin-Wien-Berlin is via the ARA-Berlin-Brandenburg-Website ARA Berlin Brandenburg, under „Anmeldung“. The registration will open the beginning of Februrary 2018. The number of starters is limited to 90 riders. The starting  fee will be 35 euros. We will try to provide a paypal account for foreign starters. The starting fee includes a road […]

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